Clear Vinyl Menu Sleeves

Also Known As: Clear Menu Covers, Cafe Menu Covers, Menu Covers, Vinyl Menu Covers
Common Uses: Vinyl Menu Sleeves are used to hold full page restaurant menus, bar menu covers, and cafe style displays. We also have half page style sleeves to add an additional pocket to your existing menu covers.
Common Materials: 7.5 mil - 14 mil clear vinyl or matte vinyl

Notes: The finish of the material is generally clear, but we also manufacture millions of sleeves with a matte finish to provide a low glare option. The matte finish does not impact contact clarity or the ability to read the materials within the sleeves.

Find the products that you are looking for in three easy steps:
  • 1. Select the size of your insert.
  • 2. Select the orientation of the sleeve.
  • 3. Select the holder. * Leave 1/2" space on each side.

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Durable Custom Vinyl Menu Sleeves
Durable Custom Vinyl Menu Sleeves

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