Vinyl CD Sleeves

Also Known As: CD Pockets, Heavy Duty CD Pouches
Common Uses: vinyl cd sleeves are used to protect cd and dvd disks from the scratching, weather or liquids. Heavy duty materials support more challenging environments and with the flap closure, they protect data and cd dvd from rain and dust. Sleeves are commonly used where jewel cases are too bulky for storage. With binder pages, we produce holders that hold the cd dvd product in binders to insert design with or without paper artwork.

CD Envelope designs are available for product information and software data for computers. Unlike paper sleeves or jewel cases, vinyl cd sleeves are perfect for shipping and fit easily within packaging. Additionally, our sleeves or envelopes are also clear or matte which allow you to view the artwork or other printed materials.

DVD sleeves are commonly used to store large amounts of data or product information. Based on your design, we can create a custom cd or dvd envelope that will conform to your packaging or order details.

Common Materials: High Quality 7.5 mil - 14 mil. (Matte, Clear, High Gloss)

Notes: The materials for these pouches are for storage that need the most durable materials to protect the data or documents inside. Generally, 7.5 mil and thicker are considered heavy-duty and will withstand rugged construction or industrial conditions. Our cd sleeves which will provide ample protection for your insert from the elements.

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